TL Dec 8-19

Title: Teen Leadership
Grade Level: 6, 7, 8th grade
Teacher: Tara Wyrwich
Date: December 8-19th
Objective: Project Based, Partner assignment, Students will create an egg carton that will allow them
to drop it from the top of the stairs.
Standards Addressed: Leadership
Materials for Learning Activities
Materials: straws, paper towels, tape, ect…
Procedures for Learning Activities
Research based writing
1. Journals at the top of class (5min.)
2. Create and build
Instructional Strategies (20 minutes)
1. Getting the students to create, strategize, brain storm, and problem solve.
C. Closure (5-10 minutes)
1. Explain or identify the difficulty level it was getting this project started.
2. Identify some complications that occurred while creating your project, and why?
3. Why was your project a success or a failure? Get together and figure out what things you would
change if you had this lesson to do all over again.
Writing is a necessity!