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Strategic Marketing Video Case Study

Jennifer Vangelisti
Dr. Walter
Intro to Marketing
13 Sep 2021
Case Study: SWOT Analysis -
1. The first strength I would like to acknowledge would be the qualities in Oxo’s strategy
within the advertisement video that separates them from competitors. With the punctual
edited clips of the straws being used and the convenient example of the straw cleaner tool
being utilized, consumers can visualize this product being implemented into their daily
lives. Most competitors fail to relate to the lives of consumers.
2. After observing Oxo’s advertisement video, I noticed another strength which is the
skilled and knowledgeable staff that acts as the company’s internal resource for creating
aesthetic and quality videos. The editing was concise and the angles of each clip appeared
professional. The concise captions that accompanied some clips also support engagement
and clarity.
1. A weakness I noticed would be resource limitations. I noticed the company utilized a
simple and uninteresting background song in the video. If Oxo had better resources such
as a wider selection of music to choose from or an enhanced team of professional sound
production staff, this weakness may not exist.
2. Another weakness I would like to acknowledge would be an unclear selling proposition.
Despite the implementation of the straw into a consumer’s daily life that was involved in
the advertisement, I believe there should have been a variety of scenarios that involve the
utilization of the metal straw to enhance the idea of its versatile benefits.
1. An opportunity Oxo could take advantage of would be the emerging need for this
product. With the popularity in stainless steel straws growing excessively during the past
few years, this is the best time to make an abundance of sales.
2. Another opportunity I have noticed would be the lack of competitors in the area. With the
lack of competition surrounding Oxo’s release in stainless steel straws, they will be able
to take full advantage in meeting the needs of consumers who desire these straws.
1. A threat I am observing would be emerging competition. There may be companies that
view the success that Oxo’s experiencing with selling stainless steel straws and will
proceed to market the same product. Oxo may then lose some of their consumers.
2. Another threat that has caught my attention would be negative press and media coverage.
With there being negative press concerning plastic straws, it may begin to harm the
production of stainless steel straws as well. Despite stainless steel straws being reusable,
they may be harmful to the environment after they are thrown away which may threaten
Oxo if negative media coverage spreads this information.
Do you think this product will sell? Would you buy this product? Explain why or why not.
This product will definitely sell and be successful. It is a useful, daily item that consumers will
feel thrilled using since they will feel as if they are being environmentally friendly while saving
money. If they purchase reusable straws, they will not need to continuously purchase plastic
straws. This product is also aesthetically pleasing with the color silicone tips and extendable
features. I would buy this product. It would personally feel like an investment since I will not
need to purchase anymore plastic straws in the near future. I am also drawn into the strengths of
the advertisement video that is marketing the straw’s benefits and usefulness.