English 1301 MIDTERM EXAM

English 1301
Write a review of a movie, book or TV show. 1 page minimum (up to 3 pages).
Double spaced.
Choose a movie, book or TV show that you have seen (or will watch for the assignment)
Introduction: Set up why you saw it. For example: I had heard a lot of hype about the
movie, Inception, so Saturday night, my boyfriend and I bought tickets, grabbed some
popcorn, and settled down to enjoy the film
Body – Give a BRIEF summary of the movie. Don’t’ tell me every detail. This should be
no more than a paragraph.
Then tell me what you thought. Did you like or not like the acting, camera
angles, setting, music, etc? What specifically did you like or dislike and why?
Conclusion- Explain whether you would recommend this to other people. If so, which
people would enjoy it or need to avoid it?