Why Study History PPT

Do Now:
• Please hand in your Student Survey
• After you hand them in please answer the
following questions and be ready to discuss in
– What is History?
– Why do we study History?
What is History?
• Political – Government
• Economic – Agriculture, Industry, and Trade
• Social – Everyday life and Culture
Why study History?
• History is the best way to learn how to think
– The world is not black and white, there are a lot of grey
areas and multiple answers to questions – Which is the
right one????
• History teaches you how to articulate yourself
– If you cant express yourself, no one will hear you
• History tells us who we are – How can you think
forward without looking back?
– Not just names and dates
– Many of our leaders look back into history to think forward
– History RHYMES not repeats
What is World History?
Wide lens
Thematic not Chronological
Small Communities
Different Points of View
Why is the world the way it is?
What are some elements of a great movie?
– History is BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!
Why do Americans Study World
• To Become aware of our debt to other peoples
• To Learn about our racial and ethnic
• To learn lessons of the past
• To Understand our interdependent World
Why Teach World History?
• We live in Global Society
– Where are your clothes, food, electronics, etc.
– We are all from different areas of the globe
• You will be entering a Global Society
– What are some problems we are facing?
Who is buried here – What would you
put down?
Interpret the following quotes
• "I know of no way of judging the future but by
the past." (Patrick Henry)
• "The present contains nothing more than the
past, and what was found in the effect was
already in the cause." (Henri Bergson)
• "We are tomorrow's past." (Mary Webb)
• "The future bears a great resemblance to the
past, only more so." (Faith Popcorn)
• Write your own quote on history that reflects
your view on history and the importance of the