The Juran Institute - Frequal Presentation

The Juran Institute
Topics that will be covered
• History of the Juran Institute
• Main focuses
• What can be learned through following
practices of the Juran Institute
• Impact of Juran Institute
What is Quality?
• Quality is an idea that changes with time
Joseph M. Juran
• Grew up in Romania
• Immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 7
• Went to the University of Minnesota
– Studied electrical engineering
History of the Juran Institute
early years
• Joseph M. Juran – 31 years of independent consulting
• Founded Juran Enterprises in 1979
• Juran on Quality Improvement was available one year
later on the market
History of the Juran Institute
• 1982 – Juran Enterprises changed its name to
Juran Institute
• 1988 – Juran Institute goes international to the
Netherlands, Toronto, Madrid, and North Sydney.
Main Focuses of
the Juran Institute
• Reducing defect and failure rates
• Why is it important?
• Competing in costs in a global market
Main Focuses of
the Juran Institute
• Costs of poor quality
• Costs are often more than you originally
• By cutting costs, you can greatly improve
your company
Main Focuses of
the Juran Institute
• Upper management buy-in
• Why is this important?
• Becoming a champion of Quality
Improvement instead of delegating
Brainstorming Exercise:
• How can the practices of the Juran Institute
be used in your organization?
What can be learned through the
Practices of the Juran Institute
• Quality is the key to success in
• Strategic quality planning as a means to an
end, not the goal itself
A Juran Example
• Juran – 1920’s
• Inspectors were scrapping 15% of circuit breakers
• Juran improved resistance in wire coil used in
production, and increased resistance by adding more
• Defects dropped to almost zero.
• They increased production by 15 percent, without
having to add machines, materials, or labor.
• Improvement through improving the process
Other examples
• 1970’s - Xerox’s market share was 85%
• Early 1980’s – Xerox market share had
dropped to around 15%
• Why?
– Quality management
Other examples
Ritz Carlton Hotels
Goes above and beyond
Takes note of customer preferences
Dazzles customers with high quality
– Creates customer loyalty
Other examples
• Baystate Medical Center
• Used the Juran Quality Improvement Model
to examine Neuromuscular Blocking
Agents (NMBAs) in critical care units
• Results: Average Daily Cost reduction of
$147 per patient.
– Annual cost reduction of $38,808
• Examine one area in your company that
could be improved using the Juran
Institute’s Quality Improvement Model.
• Identify chief causes for low quality.
• Work with your co-workers to improve this
• Were your results significant?
• Quality is key to success in today’s market
• The Juran Institute was founded under
principles of high quality practices.
• Quality improvements can be made in any
industry, no just manufacturing
• Higher quality creates loyal customers, and
decreases costs.
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