Chapter 6 Study Guide

PreAp Computer Science
Chapter 6
Study Guide
1. What is a problem solving approach that breaks tasks into smaller subtask called?
2. When is a method executed?
3. Describe top-down development.
4. What is an access modifier?
5. What part of the method declaration determines if the method can be called by other
6. What keyword declares a method a class method?
7. What keyword indicates a method will not return a value?
8. The arguments in a method call must ……..
9. When more than one method of the same name is included in a class, it is referred to as
method ______________
10. A method that performs a different action depending on the number or type of arguments it
receives is said to be _____________
11. How many values can a return statement return?
12. A statement of what must be true at the end of the execution of a procedure is called ______.
13. Which is used to enclose documentation comments for a method?