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Bellwood, T., L. Clement and C. Von Riegen (eds) (2003). UDDI Version 3.0.1: UDDI Spec
Technical Committee Specification. Available: /pubs/uddiv3.0.1-0031014.htm
Chatterjee S. and J. Webber (2003). Developing Enterprise Web Services: An Architect's Guide.
Prentice Hall PTR.
Journal paper
Fiebig, T., S. Helmer,. C.-C. Kanne, G. Moerkotte J. Neumann. R. Schiele and T. Westmann (2002).
Anatomy of a native XML base management system, The VLDB Journal 14(4), pp. 293-314
Conference Paper
Farnaghi, F. and A. Mansourian (2007). Design and imple-mentation of an OGC Web Map Service
for Iran’s National SDI. Map World Forum, Hyderabad, January 22-25, 2007