Cause and Effect Essay Topics cause

Cause and Effect Essay Topics
A cause is something that makes something else happen. Out of two events, it is the event that
happens first. To determine the cause, ask the question "Why Did it Happen?"
An effect is what happens as a result of the cause. Of two related events, it’s the one that
happens second or last. To determine the effect, ask the question "What Happened?"
Causes: (Why does it happen? The Reasons)
Why more and more students are taking online classes
The causes of traffic jams in Houston
Why students drop out of high school or college
Why some roommates don't get along
Why so many people eat junk food
Why people keep pets
Causes of childhood obesity
Why school uniforms are a good/bad idea in elementary and secondary school.
What are some of the causes of poverty?
Causes of divorce
The reasons for arranged marriages
Why children run away from home
Effects: (What happens? The Results)
The effects of bullying on children and teenagers
The effects of pressures on students to get good grades
The long-term effects of unemployment on a person
The effects of poverty on an individual
The effects of TV on children
The effects of cramming for an examination
The effects of traffic jams on drivers
The effects of cheating and plagiarism on students individually and collectively
The effects of racial, sexual, or religious discrimination
The effects of computers on our everyday lives
Effects of telling lies
The impact of technology on family time
The effects of divorce
Terrorism and the effect it has on society
The effects of arranged marriages
The effects of war
The effects of corporal punishment on children
Transition Words Describing Cause and Effect
because of
due to the fact
as a consequence
as a result
the reason
for this reason