1) What would happen to the population size if

1) What would happen to the population size if
the average female produced more than one
surviving reproducing daughter?
• A) there would be more females than males
• B) the population would decrease
• C) the population would increase, causing
increased competition for food and other
• D) the population would stay the same size
without increased competition
2) Which of the following are necessary for
evolution by natural selection?
• A) genetic variation underlying phenotypic
• B) random variation in survival and
• C) forethought and intention
• D) answers A and B above
3) “new” traits arise
• A) when they are needed to increase survival
• B) by incremental modifications of existing
• C) because they might become useful at some
time in the future, even though they are not
advantageous now
4) Selection differs from evolution in the
following ways
• A) selection occurs among individuals within
• B) selection reflects individual fitness
• C) evolution occurs in populations, not individuals
• D) evolution is change in genotype/allele
• E) all of the above are correct
5) Is natural selection a random process?
• A) yes, because it is not guided by a
• B) no, it is non-random survival and
• C) yes, because mutations are random
• D) both A and C above are correct