Natural Money

Natural Money
The Plan for the Future
There Is No Alternative
Capitalism equals collective suicide
Interest on money is the core problem
Understand the way markets behave
Do not try to re-invent the wheel
Most experiments remained marginal
except Wörgl and Lignières-en-Berry
• Understanding their success is the key to
our survival
Interest contributes to:
Wealth inequality and poverty
Economic cycles and unemployment
Financial risk and trade imbalances
Short term thinking, unsustainable growth
Difficult to solve social issues like crime
Mass migration and cultural tensions
Jewish domination and anti-Semitism
Ending the System
• Bad money drives out good money
• The Lignières-en-Berry scheme is easy to
• Fatal attraction starts when the money is
used for salaries or taxes
• Superior economic efficiency is the engine
• Less useful capital will be destroyed and
less useless capital will be built
December 21, 2012
• Economic doomsday is approaching
• Natural Money is a design of God:
– God forbade interest
– Joseph caused the introduction of money with
a holding fee (Book of Genesis)
• The universe is a virtual reality
• God is a woman, Jesus was Her husband
• This discovery is not a coincidence
The future
• The main problem areas of today are
analysed in depth on
• There is no future for usury
• There is no place for sentimental thinking
• This is about survival
• A path for the future must be set out
• We have to do what is needed
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