Department of General Services
District Facilities Committee
From: Planning and Budgeting Council (PBC)
Date: November 30, 2015
Detailed List of 2014-2015 Deferred Maintenance Projects
At the November 20, 2015 Planning and Budgeting Council meeting the PBC reviewed and
discussed the list of 2014-2015 Deferred Maintenance Projects provided by VC Ikharo and Olivia
Rocha. After a lengthy discussion, the PBC passed the following motion.
“DGS work with the District Facilities Committee (DFC) to develop a detailed list of completed
2014-2015 deferred and scheduled maintenance projects, to be reviewed and validated by each
college President, including all sources of funding needed for each project. The PBC requests that
this information come back to the PBC (from the DFC) in January”.
The PBC looks forward to discussing this information at the January 29, 2016 meeting.