DE meeting notes from Feb 8, 2016

Distance Education Subcommittee of the DEC
Meeting Notes
Monday, February 8, 2016
Present: Ann, Inger, Ed, Fabian, Vinh and Linda
1. Review of Meeting Minutes from December 14, 2015
 Amended bi-monthly meeting time to be 2nd and 4th Mondays of each
month from noon – 2 p.m.
2. PCCD Technology Evaluation Report
 Distributed. Content of the report will be discussed at subsequent
3. Checklist for Making Distance Education Teaching Assignments
 Ann will distribute samples from other colleges/districts of checklists
for curriculum approval and checklists of making teaching
assignments. This topic will be reviewed at the next meeting.
4. Distance Education Strategic Plan Contents
 Reviewed and section leads/responsible parties were determined.
Linda will distribute revised table of contents prior to the next
meeting. Inger will work on course and program development section
with Ann and Tim. Inger will also work on the professional
development section with Alexis and Ed. Blake will replace May on
the student success metrics section. And the ongoing assessment of
DE section. It was suggested that Alexis join Fabian and Srujana on
the technological support section given her expertise in this area.
5. Other
 Resolution requesting additional resources for DE: discussed the need
to highlight the urgency of allocation of additional resources for DE
District-wide. A resolution was agreed upon as the next step. The
resolution will be presented to the District Academic Senate and the
District Education Committee within the next month. Inger will
circulate a draft resolution prior to the next meeting for feedback and
review. Ann, Inger, Ed, Vinh and Fabian will work on the resolution
with her. Fabian will share the resolution with the PFT for their
comment and feedback. Linda and Inger will present the final
resolution to the DAS and DEC later in the month.This will be the
priority topic at the next meeting on February 22.
 Discussed the need to revise AP 4105 to include the review of Moodle
 Amy B. of CIPD has requested a meeting with the DE committee to
discuss migration to curricunet-meta. Linda will invite her to the next