Scholarship in standardization

Scholarship in standardization
“Standardiseringsveteranerna” is an Association of veterans who during their active
period have been heavily involved in the design and application of standards.
Standardiseringsveteranerna is administrating and managing a small fortune out of
which the Association decides on the distribution of scholarships. Such scholarship
will be awarded annually for a few years, to one or a small number of applicants.
Available amount for 2016 is 60 000 SEK.
The scholarships are aimed at
Individuals who study at the College or University in grade 3 or higher, or are
graduate students there.
The purpose shall be
to facilitate their participation in and travel to conferences, which have strong
ties to the standardization or
to help cover costs for printing essays or theses which evaluate benefit of
standardization or of the process to develop standards for evaluation.
Application may not be made retroactively. Subsistence allowance will not be
granted. The Association's decision cannot be appealed.
Application to be made on a special form, this can be obtained through an e-mail to Attach to the application documents that support this,
e.g. degree certificates, exam schedule, project description, schedule, indication of
the supervisor. Applications with attachments should not exceed 10 pages.
The application to be forwarded in the form of a PDF file attached to an email to the
Association's Secretary. Email address is Applications
must be submitted by 15 January 2015. A decision on whether the application is
granted or not will be taken no later than February 28.
The granted amount is related to the specific activity applied for. If this is not fulfilled,
the applicant will have to pay back. Amount will be payed to applicants in two
installments, half when decision I taken and the other half on completion and
reporting the activity. A report of the activity should be delivered not later than two
months after the activity is fulfilled.