Peralta Community College District Distance Education Committee

Peralta Community College District
Distance Education Committee
Meeting Notes from Monday, April 13, 2015
Present: Fabian Banga, Ed Loretto, Srujana Tumu, Michael Dioquino, Vinh Pham, Bard
Balukjian, Linda Sanford
Reviewed and discussed potential components to be included in a District-wide Distance
Education Strategic Plan which include the following:
Definition of Distance Education
History of DE at PCCD
Distance Education Mission (mission statement)
DE Strategic Planning Process
Membership of the Planning Team
Steps in the Planning Process
Identification of Persons Developing Specific Elements in the DE Plan
Strategic Themes
Course and Program Development (policies and procedures
Instructional Quality (standards, course content review, faculty evaluation, selection of
Professional Development
Student Success (completion and retention metrics)
Assessment of DE effectiveness (research data and surveys)
Governance/Management/Implementation of the DE Plan (responsible parties, timelines,
communication with constituencies)
Technology (technological support, integration, infrastructure needs, website portals for
faculty and students)
Goals and Objectives (activities) for each of the Strategic Themes
Questions not yet answered:
time frame of plan (how many years)
who will work on what
how much detail is required in this plan
how to deal with the fiscal issues
student passwords – single sign-on (one portal)
integration of Moodle with PeopleSoft
Guidelines for standards (OEI? Other standards?)
Standardization of student experiences at each campus?
DE/Tech Center/Support at each campus
District coordination of DE