Earthquake Safety

Earthquake Safety
I. We want to compile a list of things to do (and not do) BEFORE,
DURING and AFTER an earthquake to increase you chances of surviving
the earthquake in safety. Your group will be assigned to BEFORE,
DURING or AFTER. Make a list of ideas on your whiteboard, and we will
share them with the class.
If you get stuck, you can use these resources:
 Living in Earthquake Country brochure
 Your textbook (p. 243, p. 246-7 and p. 248-9).
II. Your group has a set of pictures of different kinds of structures.
Using the information from our discussion, sort them into two piles:
 Buildings you think are probably safe
 Buildings that might be unsafe
For each building, be prepared to justify your answer.
Some of the pictures show unfinished buildings so you can see what
they are made of inside. Assume that the building is completely finished
before the earthquake occurs