SONA version

1. Maintain the traditional architecture of villages and historic settlements with improvements in
structural elements and techniques. New buildings in rural areas shall be constructed by
households with support from the community and the government. Government’s role shall be
limited to technical and financial assistance.
2. Large scale training for engineers, architects, craftsmen and construction entrepreneurs shall be
conducted through training institutions and local bodies.
3. In historic settlements, House Pooling concept shall be introduced for urban regeneration.
4. Local materials and craftsmanship shall be utilized to maximum extent for generating
employment and promoting local business.
5. Foreign imported so called ‘prefab houses’ and building components shall be discouraged in
housing but in public buildings it can be promoted if it is appropriate.
6. Revision in building code and municipal building byelaws shall be carried out with special focus
to disaster risk reduction.
7. In new buildings environmental considerations such as energy efficiency, green technology and
sustainable sanitation shall be given due importance.
8. National Earthquake Monument shall be constructed at proper location in Kathmandu Valley
and Earthquake Memorial Parks shall be built in 14 most affected districts.
9. Heritage sites and historic monuments shall be reconstructed with approved norms and
standards of national and international agencies. Local artisans and conservationists shall be
trained for fulfilling the need of additional manpower.
10. Existing housing colonies and apartments shall be renovated and repaired to meet standards set
out in the National Building Code. Special provisions have to be incorporated in Building Code
with respect to multi-storied apartments- residential and commercial.