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Body Paragraph Organizer
Topic Sentence - Answer
What is the paragraph proving? Meaning, who /what is person/event that you will be covering, and what will you be
discussing about the person/event?
Detail Sentences - Proof
Tell the details of the event. Where? Who? What happened? This part should have a minimum of two quotes. The
quotes must be embedded, mixed with your own words.
Quote One:
Quote Two:
Explanation Sentences - Textual Relationship
What is the impact of the quote in relation to the text?
Explanation One:
Explanation Two:
Explanation Sentences – Greater Implications
What is the greater implication of the quote in relation to real life? This part should talk about the long-term effects of
the event.
Explanation One:
Explanation Two:
Closing Sentence
Closing Sentence: Briefly sum up the paragraph