PowerPoint Cartoon Project
 Using PowerPoint and Paint, create a cartoon of your choice.
 Imagine a storyline and draw it on Paint
o Classroom appropriateness is required and Mr. Beckton shall be the judge if
 Save your original in paint file with a name you will recognize (an intuitively user
friendly name)
 (Example: animationpicture1.bmp, animationpicture2.bmp,
animationpicture3.bmp and so on to match the slide numbers in sequence)
o Paste this onto your first PowerPoint slide. Go back to Paint, change the drawing slightly, Save
As the original name and add a number to it and paste it into a new corresponding slide.
Continue these steps for each Paint picture change. You can do all your Paint pictures and insert
them into the PowerPoint at once or each time you create a new picture by doing Save As.
 Transition Timing (try .25 seconds) must be set to allow the perception of motion.
o If you have text on slides, you will probably need to have those slides timed longer on the screen
so they can be read (experiment with various time settings).
 To add motion, these are two methods that work well:
o Create an object or picture object and place it on the background picture. For each additional
slide that has the same background, move the object to be animated a little bit on each slide.
Slide sequences are, of course, up to your imagination. Moving several different objects on each
slide can imply much motion.
o The drawing you make in Paint can be edited by moving objects in paint. After each small
movement is made, Save As a new picture and name each picture as in the example above. You
will end up with a lot of pictures. Paste each picture on a slide.
 If you haven’t noticed, this is like motion pictures you have drawn in the margins of
 Smoothness of motion is enhanced through the use of many slides with small differences.
 Few slides with large differences will make for jerky motion.
 Smoothness can be enhanced with care to where each picture is pasted.
 Musical background would be EXTRA CREDIT great
 Your narration recorded and added to the cartoon would be EXTRA CREDIT great.
 PowerPoint’s built in animations can be used also: Entrance, Emphasis, Motion Path,
 This is due on June 4th, 2015
Less than 30 slides
Between 30 and 35 slides
Between 35 and 40 slides
Between 40 and 45 slides
Between 45 and 50 slides
Greater than 50 slides
Out of 60 points total.