ENGR 2 Assignment 8 Due: Next Saturday, 9:50AM

Assignment 8
Due: Next Saturday, 9:50AM
Chapter 9: 11a-c, 12a,b,d In one File
Ch10: 1-4 all in one file, 15
9-11 Just do A-C, using the table following
USE This tables for 9-11
build this table and 9-12 table in same file,
use Table command
Partial solution to Ex9-11
Ex 9-12 A, B, D
Partial Solution to Ex9-12
Tables for 9-12 (all numbers except nominal size range are in thousandths of an inch)
Ex 10-1 thru 10-4 put all in a single file Ex10-1to4.dwg. For 3 and 4 just type in answers in file
See pp403-409
the straigtness tolerance is added using QuickLeader on p409
For 10-3 we calculate the maximum shaft size by adding the largest feature tolerance of +.04 with the
straightness tolerance 0.003 at MMC
This makes a “virtual” shaft diameter of 24.07 (it’s really only 24.004 but it could wobble by 0.003)
The smallest hole to fit perfectly would be 24.07. However we want clearance of .02 so minimum size is
24.09. The max size would add the hole tolerance of .6 to that.
10-15 similar to GDT_Demo
Right side dimension chopped off is height of 10
Surface 1 label is near crease