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Critical Design Review
February 23rd, 2010
Hassan Alabudib
Kamal Sabi
Peng Chen
Marisol Lozano Roman
Yirui Huang
Project Description
Design and prototype a monitoring tool that measures the
power and energy consumption of an electrical device and
transmits the data to a computer host.
Domain Model
Wireless Module
 XBee 1mW Wire Antenna
a range of 300ft
2.4 GHz
built-in antenna
250kbps Max data rate
Local or over-air configuration
3.3V @ 50mA
Data flow
 Use two XBEE modules both work as transceivers.
 1st module is connected to the microcontroller.
 2nd module is connected to the PC.
Serial Data
 Data enter the module as asynchronous serial signal.
 Each Data byte consists of : 8-bit data start and stop bits.
 Performs different tasks (e.g. parity check).
 Use X-CTU software to send/receive characters.
 Connect one module to the MSP430 using XBEE
explorer regulated.
 Connect the other module to the PC using XBEE USB
Power Management
Power Measurement Module
Cirrus Logic: CS5463
•Power Supply Configuration
VA+=+5V; AGND = 0V; VD+=+3.3V to +5V
Current 2.9mA
•Power Consumption
Active State(VA+=VD+= +5V) = 21mW
Active State(VA+=5V, VD+= +3.3V) = 11.6mW
•Three wire Serial interface:SPI
•Internal gate oscillator 4.096 MHz
•Three output for Energy registration
Timing Diagram
TI MSP430F169
•Requires 3.3V
•600uA Max current draw in active mode
•Multi power mode capability
•8MHz external crystal oscillator
•UART for RS232 and Zigbee
•SPI Power measurement
Communication, SD Card and LCD
 20X4 Characters
 19200, 9600, 4800 and 2400 baud
 7.3mm (0.287") character height
 Low Speed SPI(Fclk max=18KHz)
 Software controlled contrast
 "Gapless" horizontal bar-graphs
 Software adjustable LED backlighting
 0x0B: \011: Delete in place
 0x08: \008: Backspace
 0x1A: \026: Reboot
 0x09: \009 \005 Save current display state to EEPROM
 0x0A: \010 Line feed
SD Card
 Configured in SPI mode
Software Description
 Initialize the port, SPI.
 MSP430 polls until a card is detected
 MSP430 prepares a buffer with 512 bytes
LCD & SD Card
 DATA_IN : P5.1
 SPI_CS:P5.0
 SPI_CLK:P5.3
CLK: P3.3
Serial Interface RS-232:
Level Shifter
Serial Interface RS-232:
9600 baud rate
8 bit data
1 parity bit
1 start and 1 stop bit
Computer Software
•LabView – Virtual Instrument Software Architecture
(VISA) interface library.
•Processing Data
•Convert signal into meaningful data
•Displaying data on GUI
Architectural Design: Class Diagram
Milestone I
•Basic LabView GUI
•RF link and data transfer
•Complete and test Power Measurement unit
•Revision 1 of PCB completed and
Milestone II
•Complete GUI
•Program labView to Command Hardware device
•Final PCB fabrication
•Testing and refinement of Final Circuit
•Complete documentation
•Working prototype
oTransmit power measurement data between Unit
and computer
oProcess and display data on LabVIEW GUI
oSend commands back to the Unit
•Documentation completed
oUser’s manual
oTechnical reference manual
Updated Budget
Division of Labor
Hassan Alabudib
Kamal Sabi
Peng Chen
Marisol Lozano Roman
Yirui Huang