CH 7: Textbook Activity 1, 2, 5
1. Given the following information for a one-year, answer the following questions. Recall that PV is the
planned value, EV is the earned value, AC is the actual cost, and BAC is the budget at completion.
PV = $23,000
EV = $20,000
AC = $25,000
BAC = $120,000
Cost Variance (CV) = EV-AC = -5000
Schedule Variance (SV) = EV-PV = -3000
Cost Performance Index (CPI) = EV/AC = 0.8 =80%
Schedule Performance Index (SPI) = EV/PV = 0.8695622 =86.95%
b. The project is not doing well. The CV is a negative number, which means that the work cost more than
planned. The negative SV means that it took longer to perform the work. Also being that the CPI is less than
one or less than 100 percent, the project is over budget, and the SPI is less than one or 100 percent which
means the project is behind schedule.
c. Estimate at Completion (EAC)= BAC/CPI = 150,000
d. Schedule Performance Index (SPI) = 12 / 86.95% = 13.8 months
e. Earned Value Chart of this project.
We chose our numbers based off of rough researched estimates. We included 1 project manager with a team of 8
people considering that we were not given a size estimate of the classroom. Hours and salaries were based off
research done through and Google. Hardware prices were made based on research. The software
prices were estimated based on information provided from companied like Microsoft. Internet prices were given
provided the information from well-known ISPs.
See excel file. (Multiple sheets)