Chamber Music Unit/collaboration with AFA some

Chamber Music Unit/collaboration with AFA
Students in Chamber Orchestra will be assigned to work in small groups (in some
cases, corresponding to groups already formulated for solo and ensemble) to
work out their own arrangements of songs that represent current genres of
music. This unit is designed to give students some flexibility to be creative and to
perform songs that they might not otherwise get to in our normal orchestra
Arranging music takes a lot of time and focus. It’s not easy and the students are
expected to work diligently in class and not utilize google for help in their
arrangements. We want this project to be mostly by ear and completely
independent of the work that has already been done by other people! To aid in
the project, students will get an opportunity to work with Mr. Richard Ford from
the arts organization AFA – who will be coming in every Tuesday between now
and spring break. Mr. Ford is a professional songwriter and composer and has a
long history of inspiring very creative work with students in schools. We’re very
lucky to have him!
The goal is to perform a week before spring break. It will be a required
performance! The date is to be determined as we’re trying for an alternative
performance venue close by to T H Rogers to give the students more experience
performing in a variety of spaces.
Students and Parents need to sign below to acknowledge that they are aware of
the project in orchestra and that there will be in class participation/assignment
grades associated with it.
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