Strategy: Appropriate Grade Level: Procedures/Steps:

Strategy: Writing to learn (Comprehension)
Appropriate Grade Level: 1st-12th
Can be done at beginning, middle, or end of class
Have the students think for a minute about the subject
Then have students write for 5 minutes about the topic
Used at beginning of class to get students thinking/activating background
Used at the end of class to reflect/summarize the topic
(Think 1 min)
(Write 5min)
Comments and/or tips:
Writing is a good way for a student to express his/her knowledge
Writing is also a good way to check for comprehension about the reading
A way to get the class started
A way to close the class and reflect
Fisher, D., Frey, N., & Williams, D. (2002). Seven literacy strategies that work.
Educational Leadership, 60, 70-73