Concept Map- Science Text

Content Area Addressed: Reading Comprehension
Strategy: Concept Mapping: Improving the Reading Comprehension of Science Texts
Appropriate Grade Level: 6-12
*On the overhead or projector, show various examples of different concept map layouts.
*Explain to your students what a concept map is and how it can be used (for example, it can be
used during readings and/or used as an outline). Don’t forget to explain the process of each
concept map.
*After the students know how to use a concept map, practice as a whole class while you read
during science or social studies. Go through each step so the students understand exactly how a
concept map can be created while you read.
*During the next lesson students will create a concept map on their own. This
Will give them the power to be creative and adjust the concept map the way they learn best.
Comments and/or tips:
*Concept maps are a great tool to help students study. They also allow students the opportunity
to express themselves.
*Concept maps are used to help students understand text structures and to improve reading comprehension.
*Remember all concept maps are different, however they must flow in a way that makes sense
when being read. Providing templates or examples will help students use appropriate models.
*Keep extra copies of concept maps in a special folder so students can use them anytime while
they read.
Oliver, K. (2009). An investigation of concept mapping to improve the reading comprehension of
science texts. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 18(5), 402-414.