Strategy: Appropriate Grade Level: Procedures/Steps:

Reading fluency
Strategy: Read Naturally
Appropriate Grade Level: K-12th grade
1. Student does a “cold reading” of the book/ reading passage of their choice
from their reading level. Students self-asses how many words they are able to read in one
2. Student practices the book/ reading passage with a model (such as book on
tape). The student needs to say the words sub vocally (“soft voice”) as they follow along.
They should do this 3-4 times. *It is helpful for student to use their finger to point at the
words as they follow along.
3. Once they are comfortable with the 2nd step, the student reads text
independently. They need to continue reading aloud softly. Student continues to read and
assess until they have reached their goal. *When the student is finished, they will need
your (teachers) attention. *It will be helpful to develop a silent signal to indicate
readiness, such as a flag or colored card at their desk.
4. The teacher assesses the students reading fluency.
5. Continue to monitor the student’s progress.
Comments and/or tips:
√ Holds student accountable for their implementing the strategy and
monitoring their own progress.
√ Most students like to see their graph and make it go up by trying harder
each session to increase words the amount of words read. Great incentive for
√ Allow student to choose their own passages (as long as you approve them)
Reading fluency
so they will have more interest in the reading.
Hasbrouck, J., Ihnot, G., & Rogers, G. (1999). Read naturally: A strategy to increase oral
reading fluency. Reading Research and Instruction. 39, 27-37.