Writing Center Interview for Non

Writing Interview
Date form completed:
Country of origin / ethnicity:
Native language(s):
Other languages:
Level of fluency: ________________________
Level of fluency: ________________________
Level of fluency: ________________________
Age (optional):
Current major / degree program:
Previous higher education / degrees (and locations of each):
Length of stay(s) in U.S.:
Describe your previous experiences in / methods of learning English (academic and nonacademic):
How would you describe your feelings about writing in your native language?
What do you feel are your strengths in using English?
(Consider writing, speaking, reading comprehension, grammar, creativity, etc.)
What do you feel are your weaknesses in English?
What do you plan to do after you complete your degree at UHCL?
How do you plan to use your English / writing skills in the future?
Describe the types of writing assignments you are most familiar / comfortable with:
With which types of writing are you least familiar?
Describe your typical “writing process” for academic papers:
What sort of feedback from me would be most helpful as you revise your writing and strengthen
your writing skills in this course?