Election Machine

Soal 3 OOSE pert8
Election Machine
The canvassing board of Palmbeach county, Florida decides it needs a more reliable
system for recording and counting votes. Make an analysis of the requirements for a
reliable election machine and make an initial (class) design for such a machine.
1. What are the use cases the election machine needs to provide? Make a list of all
use cases.
2. What classes of objects play a role in the use cases above? Make a UML class
diagram of the classes you find and their relationships. Clearly indicate in which
classes values are stored, in which classes methods are placed to retrieve and
manipulate values and which classes are abstract.
3. What constraints should be placed on the procedure for voting such that voters do
not accidentally vote for another candidate? Can you express this in the class
4. What problems (uncertainties about the result) could an electronic voting system
lead to, compared to a mechanical system?