S B B C M E E T... November 7, 2014

Faculty Senate
November 7, 2014
Attendance: Steve Bale (Chair), Hesiiyas Blisin, Joseph Chueng, Quan-Ping Cahi, Kristen DeMay, Damien Ennis, Gail
Ferrell, Ellen House, Lars Jensen, Ted Lambert, Jeff Olsen, Rebecca Porter, Phil Smilanick, Steve Streeper, Dan Williams
Absent: Hugh Fraser, Rosemary Rinaldi, Maria Teirumniks
Guests: Fred Egenberger
Meeting called to order at 12:03 pm
Approval of Meeting Minutes From October 2, 2014
The minutes were approved without amendment.
Committee Charges: The committee charges for the bylaws as modified went to the Faculty Senate for a first
reading in October and final vote to approve will be at the next Faculty Senate meeting in November.
Summer School – The draft of a modified summer school policy was presented. Numerous issues were raised and,
after discussion, the matter was put to a vote and was passed so it will go to the Faculty Senate for approval in
NSHE Budget: FS Chair Marston is looking for input on the NSHE Budgets. Need for December Regents’ meeting.
No input from committee.
Dr. Nichols will be invited to our December meeting to discuss the use of a 3rd party vendor for on-line delivery of
remedial course materials.
The meeting adjourned at 1:05 pm
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