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Technology Committee
MEETING MINUTES - 01/22/2010
Attendees: Ted Lambert, Fred Lokken, John Molt (for Steve Zideck and Cal Anderson), Ted Plaggemeyer, and Chris
Guest: Lars Jensen
Administrative Computing committee update:
IT Services (ITS) is working on building a new HR Leave system. Current system is only for Professionals.
New system will be for all employees (classified and professional). Also being built with NSHE/State of
Nevada in mind to potentially implement with any institution/agency in Nevada. Using MS Silverlight and
Web 2.0 technologies. Typically 8 to 12 month development time line.
Ongoing iNtegrate maintenance is taking up more of the ITS staff time.
Academic Technology committee update:
Working through the Tech Fee process; not as many requests this year as in the past. Early indication is
that all requests will be able to be funded. Opportunities for leveraging Tech Fee exist and will be
presented at the Feb meeting.
i. Wireless cart, video conferencing, additional possible requests, etc.
ii. Standardization of smart classrooms, security of smart classroom equipment, ADA compliance,
centralized room controls, etc.
Suggestion to provide alternative smart classroom configurations in order to allow the
exploration of different technologies
iii. Suggestion to potentially use tech fee for testing center.
Are e-learning students underfunded by the tech fee vs. those paid by non online students.
Working with other DE directors to provide demonstration of PeopleSoft Faculty Center.
Web Advisory committee update: No update.
iNtegrate update
Reviewed the 1/20/2010 Professional Development week presentation on iNtegrate.
Will meet with Faculty Senate and communicate:
NSHE has access to the code for the new PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system and thus future
changes/modifications can occur. Agreement must occur between NSHE institutions, especially
among the NSHE colleges which are in the same instance of the PeopleSoft system.
TMCC will have access to the data within the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system in order to
generate similar reports that are currently produced in SIS.
Faculty Senate is to have a faculty member participate on the Implementation Team. A cohort of
faculty will be asked to test the system beginning as early as May (perhaps even sooner) and then
be available to train other faculty in August.
Online demo of the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system is available at:
SCS Advisory planning questionnaire. Reviewed the questions System Computing Services is asking TMCC for
strategic planning. Input from committee members is solicited by January 26, 2010.
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