Truckee Meadows Community College Web Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes November 5, 2008

Truckee Meadows Community College
Web Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
November 5, 2008
RDMT 252
Meeting called to order at: 11:05 a.m.
In Attendance: Kyle Dalpe, Steve Zideck, Cal Anderson, Kathy Berry, Rebecca
Burke, Jeff Meyers, Brandy Colby, Jason Oetjen, Chris Winslow, Manuel Becerra
Absent: Anne Flesher, Echo Marshall, John Fitzsimmons, Peter Miller, Tony
Williams, Barbie Wright
Current Business
Quick Project/Web Site Update
PDF Renaming
• Web services have completed renaming 99% of the 1,000 PDF files on
the web. An e-mail will be sent out for better understanding of what
was done.
Cafe Web Site
• The catering menu is currently in a printed format. Web services is
working with Chef Bill to create the menu electronically.
Student Activities Web Site
• A new site will be created for student activities and leadership which
will include links to different things that can be done in the community,
UNR, Parks and Recreation, etc. Kathy asked if a cross link could be
added to WDCE.
Committees List
• Cal sent an e-mail to Delores Sanford and Jowel Laguerre for help with
the committees list. Chris suggested getting help from each individual
Communications E-mails
• Approved and implemented. Letters will go out in one e-mail hopefully
by Friday, November 7.
New Business
Web Project Requests
• Cindy Jakus submitted a request for an online ESL scholarship
application form similar to the existing TMCC Scholarships form. Web
services will create a one page form and link it to the ESL site.
Cindy Jakus submitted an idea for a Dog Page. This is not an official
request. According to Cindy the idea came from Dr. Sheehan to have a
page where employees can upload pictures of their dogs. The Faculty
Senate Committee on Recognition and Activities has supported this
idea. More research will be done. Chris suggested creating a landing
page called Employee Page.
Other Business
MT3 ( ver.3)
• A landing page for student log in where students will be able to access
many services. The page will include access to web college, e-learning,
student e-mail, computer lab log in and other services. Web services is
working on the specifics at the moment and expects to have this done
in the next two weeks.
• A request will be made to the President’s Cabinet to approve a switch
from SCS to Gmail. If approved, Web services hopes to have this
completed by Summer 2009.
Online Orientation
• The site will be redone to add more content. This is not a new project
but more like maintenance to the site.
• Software is owned by TMCC. IT pays $1,500.00 a year for
maintenance support. The site was recently expanded from 15 million
to 20 million page views. The maintenance support increased to
$1,800.00. PIO will cover the difference this year.
• The committee discussed the creation of an online application that
would be used by all NSHE schools. The information requested by each
school would have to be consistent. Applying students would be able to
fill out the application and then select from the NSHE list the school to
which they would like to submit their application.
• Chris informed the committee that IT had a security audit, where it
was identified that some of the information posted on the web for
employees should be removed from public access to prevent hackers
from using some of the information. The information will be removed
from public access and placed elsewhere for employees to access.
Meeting adjourned: 11:45 a.m.