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 Warm-­‐up: What is the function of the lysosomes?
What is the relationship between golgi bodies
(apparatus) and endoplasmic reticulum?
Homework: Worksheet. You will turn this into
the basket tomorrow.
Bring any candy you want to add to your cell.
Reviewing cell parts. Cell organelle function 1. Ribosome
2. Mitochondria
3. Cytoplasm
4. Vacuole
§  A. storage
§  B. gel-like
§  C. energy
§  D. protein
Break it: §  Who has?
§  One student will read a question,
the person with the answer will
read the answer and the next
Our school as cell parts §  Mr. Miller is like the nucleus § 
because_______________. The lunchroom is like the _______________ because____________. The door is like ________________ because____________________. Students are like _______________because________________
_____. Our School as cell parts. §  The trash cans are like________________ §  because__________. §  The school building is like______________ because. Group work: §  In groups of three or four, create an analogy of cell parts. §  This will be shared with the class, during a mall walk. Exit card §  Using an example not used in class fill in blanks. §  _____________ is like ________________ Because______________. §  _____________ is like ________because________________. §  I can relate cell organelles and functions