Shopping Home Page:

Shopping Home Page:
In the Go to section: choose non-catalog item
Enter Supplier
Enter Product Description
Enter the Catalog Number (if available)
Enter the Quantity
Enter the Price, free text, no $
Select Packaging Type (use EA or LO when possible)
Select Save and Close if order is complete
For additional lines, click Save and Add Another and repeat steps B through G when finished click Save and
Submit an Order:
Click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right hand corner and then choose View My Cart
Review your cart:
Renaming your cart is recommended for easier searching (i.e. Apple IPAD)
If the order is correct, click Proceed to Checkout
Instructions for Completing Accounting Codes:
Click edit in the Accounting Codes field
Verify the Chart is upper case X
Enter the Fund number
Enter the Organization number
Enter the Account number
Enter the Program Code
Click Save (Save button will appear once you click edit)
Add Internal or External Attachments and Place Order:
Add Internal Notes and Attachments (only viewable within Xavier)
Add External Notes and Attachments (shared with supplier)
Place Order