Poetry: Switching on the Moon

Mrs. Pisauro Classroom
May 16, 2016
Readers Workshop:
*Explore Poetry
*Getting Ready for Poems
*Making Connections (relating the poem
to their lives and other books)
*Rhythm, beat, and rhymes
*Hear and identify rhyming words
*Create images, sounds, and feelings
with words
Guided Reading / Small Group
Daily Centers that include reading with a
teacher, read to self, and word work.
Room Parents:
Journal writing is free topic/weekend
activities. I am encouraging children to
write more than one sentence, add
spaces between words, make their
illustrations match their words, and to
listen for and write the beginning,
middle, and ending sounds,
“May Flowers”
“Everybody Has A Name”
Extra Reading Skills:
*Comprehension questions
 What do you think the story is
going to be about?
 Has this ever happened to you?
 How do you think the character
*Make connections
Switching on the Moon
A Stick is an Excellent Thing
Read-Aloud Rhymes For The Very
Shout! Little Poems that Roar
Dirt on my Shirt
Name That Dog!
These books will be used throughout
the Poetry Unit.
Module 12
*One more and one less
*Ordering the days of the week
Extra Math Skills
*Practice addition facts
*Counting by tens and fives
Early Release on Friday, May 20th
Early Release on Friday, May 27th
No School on Monday, May 30th
Thank you
For all the help and support you
give to your Kindergartner.
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