Basic outline for poetry/prose class (discussion group)

Basic outline for poetry/prose class (discussion group)
1. Share things that are on our minds (It will help connect everyone. Life is a subject
and inspiration of poetry. Helping people process things that are on their minds or to
feel heard can make it easier to tap into their creative energy).
2. Practice getting into our creative spaces together by using one of the methods I
suggested or by using a method that one of the participants suggests.
3. If possible, spend time outside or bring something from the outdoors inside to touch,
smell and discuss.
4. Share our ideas and creative inspirations. Participants can share something that they
have written if they wish (or another creative moment they have had). I will share
something I have written.
5. Share poems that we like that have been written by others. Participants can bring in
whatever they like to read or recite. We can discuss the form of writing that the poet
used (if any), how the poet might have felt when he/she was writing the poem, how
participants feel when hearing or reading it, what participants like about the poem
and how they connect with it (if they do).
6. I would like to take a couple minutes to help each participant progress in the
direction of his/her choosing.
7. I will keep a collection of poems we have shared in a community binder so the
participants can read them when they want to.
During the first class we can go over some or all of the 2 pages I have written. I think
this will help them identify some things they might like to write about. I will prepare
binders with the 2 pages I wrote and lined paper for each participant. I will share
with them a true story about myself and the very first poem I wrote as a result of my
We will explore A Child’s Introduction to Poetry, if the participants are interested.
I am also planning on bringing in different books that show the unique qualities that
people possess. I have in mind the book about “Snowflake” Bentley, for instance.
His wonderful persistence eventually showed everyone the unique beauty that is each
snowflake. He followed his heart and had supportive parents who helped him
purchase a very expensive camera so that he could photograph his snowflakes. I just
want to share examples of the beautiful things people do when they follow their
hearts and what wonderful things emerge as a result.
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