ENGL151/152/153 – Creative Writing (Online) Reading Response #3


ENGL151/152/153 – Creative Writing (Online)

Reading Response #3

After reading and annotating this week’s sample poems, address the following prompt in at least 250 words:

Choose THREE of the poems you read or heard this week and respond to each by explaining how the poem displays a particular aspect of poetry that you have learned about so far in this class. Explain how those aspects help make each poem work. Make specific reference to where and when in this course you learned about that aspect of poetry, for example a page number in

Burroway or any of the supplemental notes and resources. Choose at least one of the poems

your heard from James Hoch!

Remember to reference aspects of poetry that you have learned in this class, not something you knew or learned before. You can earn 1 bonus point on this assignment by comparing and contrasting different poems’ use of the same poetic element, for example slant rhyme or an implied speaker. In order to earn this point, you will need to explain the comparison or contrast in some detail, not simply mention that it exists.

There is a specific way to quote poetic lines, which you should use whenever you quote poetry in prose writing. It looks like this:

Using enjambment, Stern places emphasis on the least expected word in the sentence: “Now the mouths can slash away the memory / of his kisses and stupefying lies.”

The slash (/) is used to indicate where the line of poetry ends.