What We Learned This Week… Miss Jackson’s Class Weekly News Central Avenue School

Miss Jackson’s Class Weekly News
Central Avenue School
What We Learned
This Week…
Math – This week we reviewed ratios, percents, and
decimals. We also learned how to find the percent of a
number and how to compare data sets. Then we played
Jeopardy to review for the Chapter 11 test.
Reading – We continued our fantasy unit by discussing the
conflicts that the main character faces in our fantasy
books. We also looked for examples of how our characters
are complex and how they change throughout the novel.
Writing – We continued our poetry unit by using what we
learned about poetry to write 5th grade memory poems.
Then we revised and edited our poems and published them
to add to our poetry books.
6/2 – 6/6
Dates to Remember
Monday 6/9
Battle of the Books 9:30 am
Science Quiz
Thursday 6/12
Spotlight Kids Company
Assembly 2:15 pm
Friday 6/13
Field Day
Brain Show Assembly 2:15 pm
Mother/Son Kickball
Tournament 3:30 – 6:30 pm
June Birthdays
Science – This week we reviewed the phases of the moon
and learned how the moon affects the tides. We also
learned about the layers of the Earth’s atmosphere and
read about the life cycle of different size stars.
Remember to sign and return the D.A.R.E.
Trip and Pool Party permission slips.
Manny – 6/26
Contact Information
Phone: 973-593-3173