Chapter 7 Nutrition Study Guide

Chapter 7 Nutrition Study Guide
What are the 6 essential nutrients? Which ones supply us with energy
What percentage of your diet (calories) should come from each type of
nutrient? RDA?
What is cholesterol? LDL?
Know serving sizes for meat, veg., fruit and grains
Define complete and incomplete proteins – know what amino acids are…
Define calorie and know which nutrients have 4 or 7 calories/gram
Which minerals did we cover in class and what nutrient deficiencies can
develop without them?
Define simple and complex carbohydrates
Why do teens need more milk products than other age groups?
What nutrients do teens usually not get enough of?
What is glycogen?
Define solid and liquid fat…
Define saturated and unsaturated fat….
List 4 functions of fat in the body
List 3 reasons we need fiber in our diet
What are legumes?
About how many serving sizes of each nutrient does the new food guide
pyramid suggest we get each day?
Define fat soluable and water soluable vitamins
Know the difference between refined and whole grains
Review food guide pyramid hand-out and Food Label assignment answer