Enlightenment - Open Book Quiz Pages 300-316 Name: _________________________

Enlightenment - Open Book Quiz
Pages 300-316
Name: _________________________
What was Newton’s main contribution to Enlightenment thought?
2. What were the major Contributions of Montesquieu, Voltaire, and Diderot to the
3. What was the concept of laissez-faire?
4. What were Rousseau’s basic theories as presented in The Social Contract and Emile?
5. How did Mary Wollstonecraft use the Enlightenment ideal of reason to advocate rights for
6. What was the importance of salons?
7. What are some of the central ideas of Methodism?
8. What are the characteristics of Rococo style?
9. What effect did enlightened reforms have in Prussia, Austria, and Russia?
10. Name the countries that fought together on each side of the War of Austrian Succession.
11. How did Great Britain become the world’s greatest colonial power?
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