Enlightenment Study Guide Name: _________________

Enlightenment Study Guide
Name: _________________
People to know: ideas, theories, influences, books/articles published etc… I recommend you create
flash cards of all of the names we have learned.
John Locke
Robert Boyle
Rene Descartes Aristotle Baron de Montesquieu
Nicolaus Copernicus
William Harvey
Francois Marie Arouet
Gabriel Fahrenheit
Thomas Hobbes
Anders Celsius
Galileo Galilei Frederick the Great
Francis Bacon Isaac Newton
Denis Diderot
Adam Smith
Joseph II of Austria Andreas Vesalius
Edward Jenner
Catherine the Great
How did the Enlightenment spread in Europe?
How did the Enlightenment spread in the American Colonies?
What helped the Enlightenment spread in both continents?
Why did the Church conflict with the Enlightenment ideas?
How did the Enlightenment influence revolutions?
Mary Wollstonecraft
Jean Jacques Rousseau
What is the difference between the heliocentric and geocentric theory?
Who wrote the Poor Richards Almanac? What was the importance of it?
What were the discoveries made by Galileo when he used the telescope?
What is the definition of the Scientific Revolution and what spread it?
What specific philosophers influenced the American Revolution and government?