Name: _________________________________ Date: _________ Period: ________

Name: _________________________________ Date: _________ Period: ________
Periodic Table Group Poster Project
Students will create a scientific poster, demonstrating the properties and characteristics of
one group of elements from the periodic table. Your completed project should reflect a
strong understanding of your specific group/elements. Solid research is key to the
finished product.
1. Work with other members of your Periodic Table Group. Each member of the
group will have equal responsibility and accountability.
2. Design and create a scientific poster, which includes all of the following
information: a. The name and number of the group
b. List of all elements in the group, including at least one image of each.
d. Typical electron configuration of elements in the group
e. Common characteristics of all elements in the group
(at least 4 common
f. Scientific explanation of each characteristic - WHY are the elements the way
they are?
g. What makes your category special? How is it different from other categories?
3. The back of your poster should include all group members’ full names.