Study Guide for Cell Structure and Function

Study Guide for Cell Structure and Function
Bio 1 Periods 3 & 6
1. Understand and state the parts of the cell theory. Be able to apply it to any living
2. Explain how cell size is related to how it gets material in and out of the cell. The
bigger the cell gets, the harder it is to move stuff in and out of the cell.
3. Explain the basic makeup of a cell membrane. What is meant by a double
membrane? What is meant by hydrophobic tails and hydrophilic head?
4. ***Be able to identify every part of a eukaryotic cell both plant and animal from a
picture or drawing. Also be able to give the function of each part and its
importance to the well being of the cell.
5. Be able to relate each part of the cell to the matching part of your fictitious
town/city/corporation/planet that we did as pairs in class last week.
6. Explain how microtubules and microfilaments work in the cell. These are the
parts of the cytoskeleton. They are used for both structure and transportation.
7. Explain the difference between a prokaryotic cell and a eukaryotic cell.
8. Explain the endosymbiont theory for mitochondria and chloroplasts. How do we
know that these organelles are bacterial in origin?