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Don’t wait until the last minute to study! Study a small piece at a time, it will help you remember. Chapter 3 Study Guide CELLS 1. What importance does the surface area to volume of a cell have? 2. What is the name of the three domains? How do they differ? 3. Are plant cells eukaryotic? What about animal cells? 4. What is the major component of the cell membrane? 5. What are the two main regions of a phospholipid molecule? 6. Are there proteins in cells membranes? If so, what function do they perform? 7. What part of the cell membrane “gets along” with water? These terms were not covered in lecture, but can be on the test. You can find them in your textbook. Please look them up. 6. What is the function of the ER, Golgi apparatus and ribosomes? 7. What is the function of peroxisomes and mitochondria? 8. In plants, what is the function of the chloroplasts? 9. What are cilia and flagella formed from? 10. What are tight junctions?