Name____________________ ... Directions- Answer the following questions about the Amendments. Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights
Directions- Answer the following questions about the Amendments.
1. The Bill of Rights are the first _______ Amendments to the Constitution.
2. List the five freedoms given to us by the First Amendment
a. ________________________
b. ________________________
c. ________________________
d. ________________________
e. ________________________
3. Which Amendment gives Americans the right to own a gun?_________________
4. Which Amendment protects us from illegal searches and seizures by police/ law
5. The sixth and seventh Amendments to the Constitution give Americans the right
to a trial by ___________ in both criminal and civil cases.
Directions: Write the Amendment that would be applicable in the following situations
1._________________________ Students at Wilson Middle School decided they were going to
wear black armbands to protest the war in Iraq.
2._________________________ John owns two guns. He claims they are to protect his family
from possible intruders. He also likes to go hunting on occasion.
3._________________________ Police officers, walking through the parking lot at a Bruce
Springsteen concert, notice a bag of drugs and guns on the seat of a car. They decide to search
the car and arrest the owner of the vechicle.
4._________________________ During riots throughout the city of Los Angeles six members of
the National Guard knock on Mrs. Whorsky’s house and enter, helping themselves to a
meal, a shower, good night sleep.
5._________________________Dave was walking through Al’s Hardware Store, a small family
run shop, and slipped on an area of spilled windshield fluid. He fell and broke his ankle and is
now suing Al for damages. The court case with a jury will decide if Al and his family owe
any money to Dave.
6._________________________Barry Bonds was indicted by a Grand Jury for perjury and
obstruction of justice. They decided there was enough evidence to think that he may be guilty of
these crimes
7._________________________ Mrs. Johnson teaches at a public school. She would begin each
day by reading from the Bible and discussing the Roman Catholic faith with her classes.
8._________________________ Mr. Greene was guilty of armed robbery. The judge decided
that besides life in prison, he would have to stand in front of a firing squad every Friday so
he knew how the people in the bank felt.
9._________________________The government was building a highway and told the Smith
family they had a week to get out of their house. They could not stand in the way of
progress. Tough Luck – Get Out
10.________________________ The police did not like the look of Mr. Jones. They followed
him home and then barged into his house and searched the entire premises. They found