Study Guide for Chapter 4 Social Studies Test

Study Guide for Chapter 4 Social Studies Test
1. Las Casa’s point of view on Indians in the encomienda system was to
end all slavery .
2. The Spanish land owners wanted to keep slaves because it would make
them rich.
3. An Indian’s life on encomienda included work without pay and they
were expected to become Christians.
4. The groups in New Spain’s colonial society from least to most powerful
were Indians, Africans, mestizos, creoles, and peninsulares.
5. After Esteban’s death in what is now New Mexico, Coronado continued
the search for Cibola.
6. In Spain’s search for gold, Cabeza de Vaca traveled the American
Southwest first.
7. The colony of Peru was founded after the defeat of the Incan empire.
8. After Cortes conquered the Aztecs, Pizarro conquered the Incan
9. The factors that enabled Cortes to defeat the Aztecs were armor,
muskets, horses, and allies.
10. Columbus’s voyages impacted the America’s because they showed
Europeans the way to the Americas.
11. The Columbian exchange moved people and their ways of life between
the Eastern and Western Hemipheres.
12. Columbus set sail on his first expedition to find a shorter route to the
13. Columbus made more voyages to the West Indies because Spain
wanted him to start a new colony, the Spanish wanted the riches of
the land, and he delivered people and animals to the new land.
14. As a result of the Columbian Exchange the following things happened:
 Europeans enjoyed new foods from the Americas
 Many Indians died from overwork and diseases brought over by
the Europeans
 Europeans brought horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs to the
Western Hemisphere