Introduction to Metal: Pendant

Introduction to Metal:
Lesson Objective: Students will learn to pierce and cut metal which is an integral
part of all jewelry making.
Piercing: To make a hole or opening in; to perforate
Sawing: To cut or divide with a saw
Pendant: a hanging ornament, as an earring or the main piece suspended from a
Your Goals:
 Create a design that will fit on a piece of nickel silver that is 1 ½”x2”.
 Be sure that your design has a least three pierced areas incorporated in the design.
 Your design can be objective or non-objective.
 Be sure to complete your sketch so that it looks like the finished product.
 Be sure to pierce the inside designs so that you can saw them out.
 Craftsmanship is a must! Be sure to file all of your edges. If the areas inside are
too small- how are you going to file them?
 Make this look professional!