International Education Committee

International Education Committee
Feb 9, 2015
GMH 325
Meeting called to order at 4:05 pm
Welcome from Chair, Gullekson
a. Members: Gullekson, Levinson, Johnson, Huisman, Gilmore, Lake, Hay, Goodnow, Gerber,
b. Student members: Segura, Hartwig
c. Consultants: Kraemer, Pierce
Approval of Minutes from 11.21.14
M/S/P 10-0-1
Updates: Gullekson and Pierce
a) Report on PTS meeting: A new model for payment of faculty led programs is being discussed
b) OIE will no longer collect payments for student fees; payments will happen through students’
WINGS accounts
c) Pierce reported on partnership program with Brazil. IEC will be involved in developing
strategies for partnerships.
d) Audit report reviewed by management team and is now public record. Twelve
recommendations were embraced by management team. Members encouraged to review
e) New budget form is now available for study abroad programs. Form is usable, but is not 100%
finalized. IEC should be getting copies of the final budgets for each approved program.
Action Items
a) IDF revision for Turkey visit by Ayesha Patnaik was discussed.
Accept revised proposal with funding coming from overage funds from earlier program.
M/S/P 11-0-1
Discussion of action items for the semester. Established goals, including
a) Identify criteria for evaluating faculty-led programs
i. Include guidelines for contact hours
ii. Provide examples for faculty
b) Review payment schedule for faculty who lead study abroad programs. Committee may
need to consider payment schedules for staff led programs.
c) Review processes for faculty-led programs. Update handbook to reflect processes
d) Update the IEC information on the faculty senate website.
Adjourned at 5:05 pm.
Respectfully submitted
Emily Johnson