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Directions: Use the assigned sources to answer the following questions.
Section 1: http://family.jrank.org/pages/291/Communication.html/ Also you can also use pierce county to
find some of this information as well.
1. What Role does gender play in communication? Is there a difference in the way males and females
communicate? Are there differences between Men and Women in marriage?
2. What are the couple styles? What are some strengths of giving labels to relationship styles? What
might be a problem with it?
3. For Gottman, what decides a satisfactory marriage/relationship versus a dissatisfactory relationship?
What did he define as the culprits? What are some possible strengths and weaknesses with his
theories? Research? (reference the abstracts from before)
Section 2: Use Pierce County Library esources for the following questions. Use the Social Issues category
and select the Human Thought and Behavior ebooks
4. Who is Deborah Tannen? What does she say about communication in relationships?
5. What Social penetration Theory and how is it supported by research?
6. What is the Social Exchange Theory and what does it say about relationships? How is it supported by
7. What do notice about the divorce rates for US over the last 40 years? What can you tell about the age
when someone gets married and whether they will get a divorce?
8. What is the equity theory and what does it say about relationships? How is it supported by research?