Nationalists & Communists

Global Studies
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Nationalists & Communists
What happened in China
in 1912?
What happened during the
following 40 years?
Who were the two main
forces that competed for
power? Which side won?
Who is the “Father of the
Chinese Republic”? What
did he study?
What were Sun’s goals for
What position was Sun
given? How and why did
he lose that position?
What were the two names
for Sun’s political party?
Who took control of China
in 1916?
Who became the leader of
the Nationalists following
Sun’s death?
Who was Chiang’s rival?
What was his
What political ideas
influenced Mao? Who did
he want to organize?
Describe the first united
front of the Nationalists
and Communists and how
it fell apart.
When did the Japanese
invade? What area did
they takeover?
How did the Nationalists
and Communists respond
to the Japanese invasion?
When parts of China did
Japan takeover next?
How did the Nationalists
and Communists behave
during the war?
What happened in China
after the Japanese were
defeated in WWII?
The Long March
Who went on the Long
March and why?
When was it?
What are the statistics
associated with the Long
Describe the crossing of
the Tatu River.
Who emerged as the
Communists top leader
during the Long March?
Why do you think the
Long March was
important to the
Communist Chinese?
How far did they travel?
How many marched?
How many mountains crossed?
How long did it last?
How many rivers crossed?