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Adapted English
Mrs. Manderachi
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 610-627-6234
Website: “efaculty” on the PHS website
Course Overview:
The goal of this course is that students will increase their understanding of
language/literacy skills and implement these skills through activities that involve:
 Composing an assortment of written pieces (expository, narrative, and persuasive
essays, as well as a research paper)
 Making progress in reading comprehension skills, as well as decoding and fluency
 Increasing vocabulary and literary terms knowledge
 Improving grammatical awareness (Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation, Spelling)
 Presenting information in front of the class (PowerPoints involving research)
Preparing students for future careers (resume/cover letter composition,
completion of job applications, and mock interviews)
 Respect Others (Encourage others. Stay positive. Respect your teacher!)
 Show Effort (Raise your hand. Share your opinions/ideas. Complete all work!)
 Be Calm (Keep your voice down. Think before you speak/act.)
 Use Appropriate Language (You know what this is, so use it!)
 Pay Attention (Keep your eyes/mind focused on what is happening INSIDE the room.)
 Be Prepared for Class (Bring a pen/pencil EVERYDAY.)
* If you do not show these appropriate behaviors by not complying with the rules, you
will be given one or more of these consequences:
1. Teacher detention
2. Sent to the office and/or written up (which may result in an after school or
Saturday detention)
3. Failing grades due to incomplete work
 Check my website for any work that is due, or send me an email.
 If a student is absent, he/she is responsible for any missed work.
 I will be available for help and to explain any missed assignments.
Final Thoughts from Mrs. Manderachi:
*Please DO NOT hesitate to see me/ask questions if you need help.
*Please TELL ME if someone/something in the class is bothering you.
*You WILL use this course’s information and skills in your everyday lives, even if you
think you won’t!
*Let’s work TOGETHER cooperatively so we can all have an enriching, successful, and
FUN school year 
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