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Principles of Information Technologies – Mrs. Batts – (Perry)

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Principles of Information Technology

Course Syllabus 2013 – 2014

Instructor: Mrs. Batts – (Perry) Email: ebatts@houstonisd.org

Room #: M324 Phone: 713 865-4440 (x371)

Welcome to Mrs. Batts’ (Perry) PIT class!

Principles of Information Technology Course Overview

Students develop computer literacy skills to adapt to emerging technologies used in the global marketplace. Students implement personal and interpersonal skills to prepare for a rapidly evolving workplace environment. Students enhance reading, writing, computing, communication, and reasoning skills and apply them to the information technology environment. This course is recommended for students in

Grades 9-10.

Classroom and School Expectations

We will enjoy ourselves and accomplish more if we have an organized classroom environment in which everyone feels welcome and respected. We can make this happen as long as we all follow our classroom expectations:


Be respectful.

Be respectful of Ms. Batts, your classmates, the classroom, and yourself through your language and actions.


Be on time.

Arrive on time; take out your class materials; start on the Warm up activity right away.


Be prepared.

Bring required materials; have your homework complete; be in the mindset to challenge yourself.


Be on task.

Listen carefully and follow directions; take ownership of your learning; always try your best.

Punctuality is important! Getting to class on time allows students to take full advantage of their education, and it shows respect for the teacher and classmates.

If a student is tardy, he or she must get a tardy pass from the main office and enter the classroom quietly and respectfully. Then, without distracting classmates, the student will get his or her notebook, have a seat, and participate in the lesson. Excessive tardiness will result in consequences.


1) Warning.

2) Classroom detention.

3) Parent contact.

4) Discipline referral.

5) Parent, teacher, student conference

Class Rules: #1 Respect……Teacher, Others, Self and School Property.

Principles of Information Technologies – Mrs. Batts – (Perry)


1. Students are responsible for asking questions if there is anything that they do not understand in my class

2. Students will be required to create an email account and be professional when choosing naming conventions for their websites.

3. Students are responsible for checking their emails daily for important class information.

4. Students are to only work on assignments for my class in the while in my computer lab.

5. Students are expected to adhere to all rules and regulations outlined in the HISD Code of Student


Computer / Internet Expectations

During the semester students will have the opportunity to learn how to use the Internet for research and general information.

However, due to the uncensored nature of the Internet, the following rules MUST be observed in accessing the Internet in the classroom setting.

1. Students will not enter chat rooms unless specifically authorized by the teacher for classroom use.

Any online chat or bulletin board activity will be supervised carefully and must be only for the purpose of gathering information for an assignment.

2. Students will not enter areas characterized by vulgar and/or sexually explicit language and/or images or other to determine classroom appropriateness.

3. Students will not print from computer screens except with teacher permissions. In most instances, students will take notes from Web sites.

4. Students will not use the Internet without permission from the teacher. At no time will a student be allowed to use the Internet unless a teacher is in the classroom with the user.

5. Students are not to go to any unauthorized websites. Unauthorized websites are 6. Students will not download from the Internet without permission from the teacher.

7. Students will not e-mail unless specifically approved by the teacher for a class project.

8. Students losing Internet privileges are required to complete projects by using the Internet elsewhere or by using printed materials.

9. In addition to the rules listed here students are also responsible for following all guidelines set forth in the HISD Student Code of Conduct.

Students violating these rules will lose classroom Internet privileges immediately. In some circumstances, parents or guardians may be notified of the infraction and/or students may be referred to their Assistant

Principal for disciplinary actions.

Your Choices + Your Actions = Your Future. Choose Your Future.

I am confident that all of you can meet these expectations. If for any reason they are not met, I will first discuss the problem with you and we will try to resolve it together. If the problem persists, we will seek the involvement of adults who support you at Reagan High School (parents/guardians, coaches, principals).

Classroom supplies: tissues/hand sanitizer and any other supplies you feel will be needed

Grading Policy:

Major Grades: 60%- tests, projects, and labs

Daily Grades: 40%- bell work, class work, quizzes, and class participation.

Quizzes may or may not be announced.


Class Rules: #1 Respect……Teacher, Others, Self and School Property.

Principles of Information Technologies – Mrs. Batts – (Perry)

Timed Warm-ups:

Warm-ups are daily assignments that will be posted. When you enter the classroom, you will immediately begin working on the warm-up activity. There are three pieces of information that should be recorded in your warm-up each day:

1. date (e.g. 8/23/13)

2. warm-up question

3. answer

If you miss a warm-up, you are responsible for getting the warm-up from another student. Unless I tell you otherwise, you may use your textbook or your notes to complete the warm-up. Periodically, you will have pop quizzes over information from the warm-ups. You will be able to use your notebook during the quiz.


You are required to bring your binder to class every day. Upcoming assignments will be posted on the board and possibly on edmodo.com. After completing your warm-up, you should enter your assignments into the Agenda section of your notebook. Instructions given in class take priority over lesson plans posted online.

Teacher Absences:

I will most likely tell you in advance if I know I will be absent from school. Usually, you will know the assignment before you come to school that day. No matter what anyone tells you, you MUST turn in your completed work before you leave the room that day. If the associate teacher tells you to take it home to finish it, politely tell them that you are to turn it in today, and TURN IT IN. There are absolutely no hall passes when I am out, so please plan accordingly. You know how this classroom runs; continue as though I were here. If I have an unexpected absence, the same rules apply: turn your work in before you leave the room.

Student Absences:

If you must be absent, please notify me at the earliest possible time to receive your assignments ahead of time. If your absence was not anticipated, it is your responsibility to gather the assignments that you missed.

You can do this by accessing my email or speaking to me personally before school or class begins.

Additionally, I keep a copy of handouts in a yellow file folder near the door. You should check it for missed handouts when you return to class. I will not remind you of missed assignments. You will have three (3) weekdays to complete your missed assignments. If you miss an exam, be prepared to take it when you return to class. Keep in mind that the format of the re-test is at my discretion.

Missed assignments should be obtained outside of class hours only.

Late Work:

Classroom assignments and homework are expected to be completed on time. Late assignments will not be accepted without penalties.


All of your papers should be labeled with the proper heading. (typed or written) The upper left-hand corner should include the following information: 1)full name, 2)subject and period, 3)date. See the example below.

Five points will be deducted from any paper that is turned in without a proper heading.

Terry Grier

PIT – Period 7

August 26, 2013

Academic Integrity:

Class Rules: #1 Respect……Teacher, Others, Self and School Property.

Principles of Information Technologies – Mrs. Batts – (Perry)

I take cheating very seriously. I have complete trust and faith in my students unless that trust is broken. If you are caught cheating, you will face the full consequences of your actions as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. In addition to disciplinary action, you will receive a zero on the assignment.


If you fail to follow these procedures or are disrupting the classroom environment, you will be given a personal detention with me. You will be required to spend 30 minutes before or after school or during lunch cleaning up the classroom. If I hand you a Detention Notice, please hand me your ID. I will keep your ID card at my desk until you have filled out and returned the Detention Notice. You will have one week to serve your detention. Failing to serve detention will result in referral to your dean. In high school classes, it falls on the student to inform the parent of a detention. Scheduling the detention in a timely manner so that it does not affect parent schedules is a student responsibility.

Class Rules: #1 Respect……Teacher, Others, Self and School Property.

Principles of Information Technologies – Mrs. Batts – (Perry)


1) Immediately begin working on the warm-up activity. The bell doesn’t start class, you do!

2) After finishing the warm-up, record any homework assignments or upcoming tests into the agenda section of your binder.

3) Hall passes: Only one person may be out of the classroom at a time. If you must leave the classroom;

(Do NOT interrupt me if I am speaking)

1) Raise your hand and wait to be called upon

2) Fill out a hall pass form.

3) Immediately go and take care of your business and return

4) Record the time of your return on your pass.

5) Return the hall pass

*4) You will be expected to actively participate in all tasks and discussions in the classroom. This means asking questions, contributing answers, and playing an active role in all activities.

5) You should always bring the appropriate materials to class. Every day, you will need your binder, paper, and a pen.

6) The bell does not dismiss you, I do.

7) Keep your desk, lab station and surrounding areas clean. Desks should be kept free of writing and trash.

Our custodial staff works hard to maintain a clean campus. Please support their efforts.

9) All work that is to be turned in must be completed in blue or black pen or TYPED. If I can not read your work, I cannot grade it. No balled up or wrinkle work; work must look professional!

10) If there is something about you that I should know (e.g. poor vision) please tell me ASAP so that I can accommodate your needs.

I have carefully read and understand these rules, procedures and guidelines for Mrs. Perry’s class.

I will honor them at all times.

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I have carefully read and discussed these guidelines with my child. I understand them and support them.

(Please write your email address legibly. I will never send out information that does not directly pertain to my class.)

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Class Rules: #1 Respect……Teacher, Others, Self and School Property.